2D tile based game framework in HTML5

The Platypus Engine allows rapid development of 2D orthogonal tile based games for deployment in HTML5 compatible browsers. The engine uses a component based model, and includes many ready to use components to allow users to start adding assets and editing levels right away. The component based model lends itself to community members adding new functionality, we hope you'll share what you've done!

Platypus uses:

Key Features

  • Deploy on any HTML5 platform supported by SpringRoll v2
  • Multi-platform support
  • Automatic scaling
  • Touch and keyboard input
  • Component-based development model
  • Documentation

Platypus in action:

Code - Docs

Platypus was developed by PBS KIDS and Gopherwood Studios. It is free to use (see licenses.txt), all assets in the example games are © Gopherwood Studios and/or © PBS KIDS.